Monday, December 12, 2005

I am so ready for the water to come back

So, when I returned from my tour of duty (the trip to Shithole, Texas and other fine places) I came home to an empty and very cold house. Frankly, I expected to come home to a warm house and I was going to eat some decent food and take a long hot bath to get rid of that motel smell. Instead, it was filthy and cold. So, I'm waiting and waiting for the house to warm up to a bearable temperature (it was a toasty 25 degrees in the house when I returned) so that I can clean the house and follow my plan and then I hear it. There is a fucking waterfall under my kitchen. Luckily, my sweetheart's dad could come over and turn off my water. My sweetheart, on the otherhand, has dropped off the face of the fucking planet. Don't worry he finally showed up and is very sorry. This drama happened on Thursday. It is now Monday and I have yet to hear from my landlord. So, like I said, I am so ready for the water to come back.

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