Friday, December 09, 2005

the war on christmas

Not that I am religious or anything, but isn't Christmas a war on Jesus? Since when do pagan rituals like Christmas trees and mistletoe honor the birth of Jesus our lord and savior? I don't remember anything about a Christmas tree adorned in tinsel and lights being in that manger. I must have skimmed over that part of the Bible. And something tells me that God really doesn't want you to max out your credit cards to buy a bunch useless crap at the Wal-mart. But then again, my relationship with God has never made it to that level of intimacy. I guess that's why I find this whole "War on Christmas" campaign by the bible thumpers hilarious. Apparently, it is with sin that we tell others "Happy Holidays."

This is just plain stupid. For one thing New Year's Day is a holiday that is not called Christmas, so usually when I talk about more than one thing I use the plural of the word. Should I wish people Merry Christmases? I don't think so. And if I am talking to a Jewish friend, why the fuck would I wish them Merry Christmas when they celebrate Hanakuh. Can't I wish them "Happy Holidays" instead of saying Merry Hanakuh and a Happy New Year? Do you even wish someone a Merry Hanakuh? Is it Happy Hanakuh? Or Have a Super-Fabulous Festival of Lights? Even our stupid, bible thumping president is in the dog house with these fanatics. They are up in arms that their holy leader sent out cards that say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. And speaking of dogs... What they should be horrified by is the ridiculous Christmas video he made with his dogs. "A Very Beazley Christmas" is the worst home video I have ever seen. I wonder how much that piece of shit cost the taxpayers of America. Please go here to watch this piece of crap on the Barney Cam.

So, I wish my readers a Very Happy (enter your Holiday of choice here)!!!

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