Tuesday, December 06, 2005

what kind of bug is it?

So, I'm sitting in my motel room in Shithole, Texas talking to my mom on the phone when I see a wasp buzzing around my room. I tried to usher it out into the chilly night air, but it just wont cooperate. Then I see wasp number 2. Its just a fact of life, there are wasps in Texas and a whole mess of them at that. I get off the phone with mom and call down to the front desk. The woman tells me that it is not a wasp but a lady bug. I like lady bugs. I do not like wasps -- and more importantly, I know the fucking difference between the two. In no uncertain terms I conveyenced this same message to the lady at the front desk. Because this is a do it yourself kinda joint I have just killed wasp 1 and wasp 2. Of course now my room smells like fucking bug spray, but at least I wont be attacked in the middle of the night by creepy, stinging insect.

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