Tuesday, November 29, 2005

taking bribes is outrageous...

... but awarding billions of dollars in no bid contracts to Halliburton isn't. Today, W "verbally slapped" Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham for taking bribes. So, when is he going to verbally slap some of those other sleazy, scandal ridden republicans (i.e. Scooter, Frist, DeLay, et al)? All of this scandal and wrong doing is more "outrageous" than Clinton's 40 million dollar blow job (at least that is the amount of money I recall all of the special investigations costing, it may have been more). I guess getting blow jobs is a lot more serious than wasting taxpayers money, breaking the law, and being responsible for the death of innocent humans and the destruction of several counties and Louisiana. And it makes me wonder "where the hell are my priorities?" I guess I don't understand ethics at all.

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