Monday, November 21, 2005

harry potter and the goblet of crap

Since I got cable with HBO, I hardly ever go to the movies. I only go to movies I'm really excited about seeing and I wait for the rest to come to me. The last movie I went to was Serenity (it ruled) -- and that was months ago. I will admit that I am a Harry Potter junky. I love those books so much that I abandoned my intense fear of reading aloud to read all six books to my sweetheart (because I read ahead I have read all of those books 3 times). So, on Saturday I took my dad to see the Goblet of Crap for his birthday. Thankfully, he hasn't read any of the books so he liked it. If you have read the book, don't bother with the movie. Monkeys could done a better job. I know that book was really long, but they managed to cram those Lord of the Ring books into movies without getting rid of too much stuff. My mom, sweetheart and I were really disappointed. Where the hell were the Veela? What about Rita Skeeter? And, christ, where the hell were Dobby, Winky, Mrs. Weasley and Bill? And that maze was just stupid. No blast ended skrewts or sphinx? Lame. Don't waste your seven dollars, it will be a two and a half hours of your life you will never get back.

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