Thursday, November 10, 2005

myspace sucks and so does this blog

When I was able to go on myspace I had a built in audience for all of my political and smart ass rantings. But then, I got locked out of my account this week. I missed being able to vent my anger at the world. Once I started this blog (which only 7 people have visted so far) I realized I also missed my smart ass myspace friends, too. I can prattle on about my boring life and why I think the world sucks, but I don't get bulletins from Smackdabbit! telling me about stupid products I didn't know that I really need or links to harass nazis on myspace. I don't have Sonofabitch posting bulletins about how 9/11 was an inside job or the obscene pictures he likes to label as "work safe". Frankly, I have completely given up on myspace. I sent them a fruitless email telling them that I had been locked out of my account, but never got a response. Since then I have taken to sending hate mail to them. Nothing too rude yet, but I expect if I keep it up I can get my account deleted all together.

So long myspace, hello sucky blog!

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