Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Fuck you, Texas!

The election results for Proposition 2 (and most of the others) really suck. I know that I live in a "red" state (more like evil), but how can so many people be proud to come out and say "Yes, I am a bigot because God tells me to!" Its so nice to know that my fellow Texans (except the oasis that is Austin) are more concerned with spreading the hate rather than teaching kids how to read or something useful like that. I am looking forward to the lawsuits in response to this outrageous constitutional amendment. In fact, I'm thinking of filing one myself since this new law basically nullfies marriage in Texas (the "similar or identical to" clause is very problematic). How can I get married if there is no such thing? If there is a judge in Texas with the balls to agree with that, it will be so much fun to watch the bible thumpers squirm when they find out that they are living in sin and that their children born after September are bastards.

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