Friday, November 11, 2005

did goliath exist?

And if so, what does that really mean? So, they found some broken piece of pottery where they want us to believe that Goliath lived. This piece of dried clay has some writing on that happens to say "goliath" on it. So, obviously this is proof that some guy named David killed a giant named Goliath and that God created us in his image and that he did the whole thing in 6 days, right? On that note, after you did that much work in 6 days, you'd want to watch football and nap on the couch on Sunday, too. So, anyway, this pottery dates to 70 years after this David and Goliath were supposed to have lived. What it tells me is that people named their kids Goliath or maybe that Goliath is some really old word. I suppose if I had the "faith" it would really tell me that god does exist and everything in the bible is true. I just can't accept that book "as is". You know when my boyfriend tells and retells a story, it gets grander and funnier everytime. Since this book wasn't really written down when it happened, don't you think the Asia's of the world may have dressed things up with each retelling? Just a theory, but then again god hasn't spoken directly to me either.

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