Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I guess he lives in bizarro world

Because Baby Boy Bush says we have a strong economy. Is that why oil costs a record $94 a barrel? And that's a good thing because everyone can afford to pay even more for gasoline. I know I'm not spending enough money to fill up my tank. Why eat when you can drive! The Federal Reserve is cutting rates yet experts say that won't fix the housing market. I guess the housing market is on shaky ground and needs fixing every time we have a strong economy. I guess that also explains why I have a great, high paying job. Not! If struggling to pay rent, bills and still eat after I write all of those checks is a sign of a strong economy then I am the freaking poster child of our strong economy.

Because the economy is so strong, I have time to do lots of things. For example, I have seen some fine television programs. I am current on my daytime story and have plenty of time to wonder just who will get the brain next. For some reason, only one person in Oakdale is allowed to figure things out. This is because they all share the same brain. Not that you are wondering, but it seems that Katie has the brain this week. Once she figures out that Carly isn't really going to die, someone else will have the opportunity to figure something out. Isn't it exciting?

I have also seen America's Most Smartest Model. On this show, they have challenges to show you just how stupid these people are. They even have a "walk and talk" competition. This has been a struggle for these most smartest models. I mean that have to come up with things that are round(a ball) or things that are dirty(a dirty penis). This can be really taxing when you have to walk at the same time! When they throw someone off it is called a "purge". I wonder how they came up with that? On one of the episodes the most smartest models had to have a science fair. When one of the models was asked what color would he use to represent something that was warm, his answer was "hot." I love that color! On this episode they finally purged the nearly brain dead Mandy Lynn.

And apparently her boob is heavier than her brain. Then again, a feather is heavier than her brain.

All of this gainful employment has given me the opportunity to do other important works like read lots of trashy novels and dress my dogs in Halloween costumes. While I thought it was funny to dress dogs up as a moose and a lobster, they did not want to cooperate for the picture part of the dress up game. Spoil sports! Just wait until MOTL gets home to help contain them. Then we will see who gets silly pictures. Always bet Pineapple.


Nervana said...

The real problem in Oakdale is.........everyone is related. They ALL share the same gene pool.....or at least, the same sperm. Everyone has been involved with or married to......everyone else. It's bound to fuck up things. It's hard to keep up with the dysfunction.

Mamacher said...

Thank you for once again pointing me in the direction of entertainment that I may never find on my own. America's Most Smartest Model -- Nice!

pineapple said...

nervana: the fact that Lily married her uncle (even though they aren't really related by blood) really highlights that major inbreeding problem. No wonder they all have to share a brain.

mamacher: no problem! I'm here to help!

mad said...

That was pretty damn harsh what you said about Mandy Lynn. But hilariously funny!

pineapple said...

its ok because she doesn't understand what we are talking about.