Friday, October 19, 2007

The Dead Zone

I don't know if I'm getting more morbid because Halloween is quickly approaching or if I am in just suffering from the affliction of "terminal bad mood", but in case you missed it here is a short list of who & what died this week:

1. The last living member of the Rat Pack, Joey Bishop, died at age 89. Guess he was able to out live the others because he didn't drink and smoke as much?

2. Deborah Kerr, died at age 86,who was apparently more famous for being in From Here To Eternity and not for An Affair to Remember seeing as how the article I read just mentioned An Affair to Remember in passing at the end of the article. I guess that stupid Meg Ryan movie ruined that movie for the person writing the AP article, too.

3. "Compassionate Conservatism" died this week -- if it was ever really alive -- in the form of the failed attempt to override Baby Boy Bush's veto of SCHIP.

4. Taku, the 14 year old Killer Whale at Sea World in San Antonio. The death was unexpected, but they can't rule out old age since they don't really know what the life expectancy of Killer Whales. In six weeks, when the test results are available we probably wont even remember what a Taku is.

5. My bank account when I had to spend my last $20.


Victor said...

Rest in Peace Deborah Kerr
Here is a tribute in your name..
She was a brilliant actress.. We will miss her!

mad said...

You know, I didn't realize that the first three were still alive. Sorry about your last 20 bucks.

pineapple said...

victor: Deborah Kerr was pretty rockin'.

mad: it is hard to say if "Compassionate Conservatism" ever really existed, but if we give it the benefit of doubt and say that it did, then it definitely died this week. But out of that list, I will miss the $20 the most. Is that wrong?

mad said...

Well, no, especially since 20 bucks doesn't go all that far these days.

Evil Spock said...

Its because I haven't written for awhile too, right?

I'm sorry for bringing you down.

pineapple said...

yes, it is entirely your fault. I was just trying to be nice and blame my shitty outlook on the world on something else.