Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Its a good thing the Bush Administration is above the law!

I mean how else could Scooter Libby go free? Now there is one happy guy! Yay, Scooter! You don't have to go to jail because you are friends with the president! You still have a convition for perjury and obstruction of justice and you have to pay a $250,000 fine and be on probation for two years. But that's OK because you have lots of friends that will give you a job even though you have a criminal record. Hell, they already had fundraisers for your defense fund. Maybe they will pay your fine, too! Aren't you a lucky, lucky guy? I'm so glad to know that it isn't all that bad to reveal the identity of CIA agents to the public and that a two and a half year sentence is excessive for perjury and and obstruction of justice. I will keep that in mind next time I am thinking about endangering the life of a CIA operative and jeopardizing national security and then covering up my acts with lies and more lies. No worries, huh?


mad said...

Sadly, I'm sure Bush will give him a full pardon. What's he got to lose? Bush, I mean.

Only Grrrl said...

Fucking hell. I was so mad when I heard about that. Usually the pardons and such come much later at the very very very end of a president's term, don't they?

Thanks for visiting my new blog, too! I'm just sort of getting the hang of things... xoxo

Mamacher said...

What the F*&K!!! (I know I can actually write the word, but I'm practicing self-restraint). I'm by no means a Political Science major, but when did it become okay for the President to intervene in a sentencing??? I mean I understand the concept of a pardon, but this is like a pseudo pardon.

pineapple said...

mad: why not go for the gold?

Only Grrrl: for now he's only commuted the sentence. I agree with mad, the pardon is only a matter of time.

Mamacher: I'll say it for you. FUCK!!! I guess you can do whatever the hell you want when you are president. Baby Boy Bush and his posse of criminals have shown us that.