Thursday, July 19, 2007

I guess Jane Austen wouldn't get a book deal today

I haven't had much to laugh about this week, but this did get my attention this morning despite my stupor induced by serious lack of sleep. So this prankster sent a number of publishers thinly disguised copies of chapters out of certain Jane Austen novels. Only one of the 18 editors that received the chapters recognized it for what it was. Ms. Austen's book was even rejected by the publisher that has published her works in paperback. The rest sent rejection letters citing a lack of marketability and one even called it a "really original and interesting read" in the rejection letter. I can't disagree with the interesting part, but it hasn't been original since Jane Austen wrote it in the early 1800s. Now these publishers are scrambling to save face. They need to face the facts, they are dumb. It really makes you wonder what little you have to do to be the top of your field, doesn't it? Strive for mediocrity, my friends, strive for mediocrity.


mad said...

Alas, Jane Austen was only a muggle.

pineapple said...

so true!