Thursday, July 05, 2007

Enron still sucks

Those fuckwads at Enron can't do anything right. And now they are screwing over their former employees AGAIN. Like losing their retirement and making sure they were unemployable wasn't enough. I know people that could find a new job for over a year because the word "Enron" appeared on their resume. The courts were sympathetic enough to award these people $89 million to cover some of the pensions Enron lost (they lost an estimated $2 billion in pension plans) and Enron (now known as Enron Creditors Recovery Corp) has made the first payment. Naturally they did it all wrong. They paid some people too much and others not enough. What a surprise! Of course, they are blaming the company they hired to do the calculations. I guess it never occured to anyone to check the formula before they cut the checks. I do know that if those jerks overpaid me, I wouldn't be too concerned or in too much of a hurry to pay them back especially since these people are only going to recover a fraction of what they lost. Assholes.


mad said...

If there's such a place as Hell, I hope Ken DeLay is roasting marshmellows there.

pineapple said...

really? I think it would be better if he had the stick but no marsmellows to roast.