Friday, September 08, 2006


Since I like to get my morning entertainment news from Faux News Network, I hear some hilarious things. They have really been pushing this whole thing about Bush talking about how we are safer because of his administration, but that we still aren't safe. They quoted some poll that 30% of the people questioned believed that they were at risk of being attacked by terrorists where they live. For real? Let's put this in perspective. Most of the horrific things that have happened in this country, we have done to ourselves (Civil War, Oklahoma City Bombing, Unibomber, Kent State, etc.). Since become an independent nation we have suffered very few outside attacks: The War of 1812, The Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor and invading Alaska, a not so huge bombing of the World Trade Towers, and "9/11". That isn't much considering we have been pissing people off around the world for 230 years. I suggest living someplace that has actual bombings everyday before you go and say that we are in so much danger.

When I was in college, I wanted to go on a study abroad program to Israel and the Pineapple Mom absolutely forbade it because it was too dangerous there. Instead the Pineapple Parents financed a study abroad program in England. At this time, the IRA was going nuts with their car bombs. Of course, this wasn't so much on the news here because we never get good information from the mainstream media. My favorite was the day we were on the Tube and everybody was thrown off. Turns out there was a live bomb on the train. When we were being ushered out of the station, I asked what was going on and was told it was mechanical trouble. Yeah right, that's why they made us leave the station. But because I am a born smart ass, I sent the Pineapple Parents a postcard depicting the underground map and circled the stop I where we were ejected. I simply wrote: "The bomb was here." But the truth is, I was back riding trains that same day. Even after 9/11, I have never had any fear that I would be attacked by terrorists.

But getting back to our current situation just maybe we wouldn't be in so much "danger" if there was a different administration. Just a thought.


mad said...

What no one has acknowledged for some reason is that by taking out Saddam we took out the only tyrant crazy enough to keep Iran in check. Why did he pretend he had WMD when he really didn't? (I actually heard a talking head ask that dumb question.) There's a reason why Iran is telling the West fuck you. The Shia are laughing.

BTW, I've been meaning to say this but haven't got around to it: I admire you, your independence.

pineapple said...

We really have a knack for pissing off the world, don't we? And thank you, I take that as the highest compliment because it took a long journey to my independence and the confidence to speak my mind.