Wednesday, September 20, 2006

RIP Don Walser

Now there was a man that could yodel. I just don't understand how Austin can be kept weird when all of the weirdos keep leaving us. I used to love to see Don Walser play. And he played gigs well after he could get around without a lot of help from his wife. That is a true musician. Playing for the love of the music even when it was obviously very difficult to even get to the show. Occasionally, he would autograph photos. I still have the one he gave to me. It reads: "To __________. Smile! The sunshine is good for your teeth! Love, Don Walser" The last time I saw him play was at a friend's wedding reception a few years ago. I'm glad I went to say howdy and to tell him how much I loved his music and that I still had the photo he signed for me. One of the band members pulled me aside and told me that he had seen him sign a lot of photos, but none of them ever had that message. That just makes it more special. Don, you were a bad ass!


Only Grrrl said...

People keep dying. Celebrate your life now!

Only Grrrl said...

ps: how did you put music on your blog?!?!?! fun!

pineapple said...

I got the code by googling "embed mp3 website" or something like that. Blogger tells you that the code isn't right so you check the thing to ignore the message and ta da, music!