Friday, September 29, 2006

I hate Pizza [Updated]

Alright, I'll be a little bit more clear. I hate pizza places that have changing delivery boundaries. How can Conan's on 29th deliver to my house one week and not another? What kind of crap is that? I also hate Papa John's because they can't make a pizza with no cheese on half. What is the difference between cheese and other pizza toppings? It isn't like making pizza is like brain surgery or any thing. This evening MOTL and I had to take three different pizza places to task for not knowing where they deliver, changing where they deliver, and their inability to make a pizza without cheese on half. I suggest that if you want to let off some steam, you just call a pizza place that doesn't deliver to your house or try ordering a pizza without cheese on half from Papa Johns. You can get really angry and chew out some idiot stoner. Enjoy!

Here is the response I got from Customer Service On Sep 29, 2006, at 9:32 PM, wrote:

Thanks for the great feedback! Your compliments have been forwarded onto
the appropriate people for review and I am sure they will enjoy them as
much as we did.
Thanks again and have a great day!


Consumer Services Team

And this is my reply:

I'm not really sure why you thought that my complaint was a compliment. I find it interesting that my informing you of my terrible experience with Papa John's is enjoyable. This is just one more reason why I feel like your company should make some internal changes. I find it abhorrent that you find my displeasure with your service to be so fantastic.

Have a great day!


mad said...

Papa John's makes the suckiest pizza on the planet. Roundtable pizza you gotta wring out before you eat it, there's so much grease. Dominos too. Guess we'll have to move to Italy. I wonder if they have delivery there?

pineapple said...

Because we live in the "poor" side of town (as in the rent is still reasonable) a lot of pizza places don't deliver over here. I guess minorities don't eat pizza??? So our choices are pretty limited. And I agree Papa John's sucks, but I can't buy pizza from the religious zealots at Dominos.

Anonymous said...

Who ever wrote this is a fucking idiot. I work at a pizza place, and it’s not as easy as it seems.
Sure making a pizza with cheese on half is easy, but when you order that during a Friday night rush it’s a different story. I don’t expect a lot of people to know what its like to make pizzas as fast as you can, while your running all over the place cutting pizzas, getting more toppings/dough from the back, helping customers and co-workers. It sucks and I hardly get paid enough to bust my ass doing that at least five days a week.
I really hate it when pissed off customers yell at me for a mistake another team member has made, or for a pizza being late. I’m a 19 year old student that works as a waitress and as a manager at a pizza place just to get by, and I still don’t make enough money. I definitely don’t make enough money to take the abuse some people dish out. People curse at you, scream at you and doing all kinds of other ugly things. DO I LOOK LIKE I LIKE TO GET YELLED AT?!
I don’t understand why people make it MY fault when we don’t deliver to them, or when they want a driver to meet them outside an HEB. First of all, if you live in the middle of bum fuck Egypt, NO ONE IS GOING TO GO OUT THERE! It’s not my fault out delivery areas are drawn up the way they are, make a complaint at our website if you’re really concerned about it. If we tell you we don’t go out there, don’t call us again thinking your going to get a different answer from someone else. Also, if we give you the number for the store that does deliver to you, call that number every time instead of ours. We aren’t going to send drivers out to a 7-11 or HEB because they get robbed all the time and it’s just too risky.
If you are unsatisfied with the service your local pizza place gives you, fuck off and learn how to cook.

pineapple said...

Anonymous: they call it work because it is work, not because it is fun and games. Then they would call it fun and games. Sounds like you are an unhappy person that should think about finding a new job or getting a career. As for busting your ass, I really don't feel sorry for you. Often I work 7 days a week and travel a lot. Although I do know how to cook sometimes I am tired and want someone else to do it. But when I pay for someone else to make my food, I don't want any fucking cheese on my half of the pizza. I don't think that is too much to ask for. Asswipe.

Anonymous said...

...........Is it really that hard to just pick it off yourself? Do you want us to feed it to you too? How about this, the person in your household that DOES eat cheese, get a smaller pizza. a medium instead of a large. and YOU get a SMALL pizza with no cheese on it at all. is that too hard? people with "real jobs" need to stop thinking they are above everyone else. so, you had a hard day at the office sitting in your cubicle all day staring at a computer screen. so what do you do? you come home and either a) take your anger out on the dog or b) take it out on the food service industry people because you're too lazy to make something yourself. plus, why would you REALLY want to piss someone off that works with your food? the food you'll be eating. it might look clean and good enough to eat. yeah, right. i knew a co-worker that one time when a customer was FURIOUS that his pizza was 10 minutes late (we told him 30, it took 40) i mean he was classic case of alcoholic, hates life, hates job type of guy, and he took his anger out on us. so we told him we would remake the pizza and send it out to him. the co-worker took a shit in an empty pizza box and we sent the "valued" customer that. are people not patient anymore? or is it ALL about you? ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME! Even though I put my order in later then everyone else, I want it before them! I once stood in line almost 20 minutes at a very busy restaurant just to get a spoon and a straw. but could mister suit and tie business guy who is constantly on his cell phone driving because he's so important and driving his big Hummer, because you know, yeah, he goes off roading in the wilderness all the time in the suburbs. assholes.

pineapple said...

Wow, anonymous, you are a really angry person and judgmental, too. But since you asked, please come over and pick the cheese off of my pizza and feed it to me. You sound like a really fun person to hang out with. But to get to the point...

I'm not really sure what you mean by a "real job" because unless someone is paying you not to work (that would be a "fake job"), then you have a real job. I know that the food service industry is hard work, since I've done that. And I know what they do to your food - even when you are nice. In fact, the manager I spoke to at Papa John's thought it was retarded that the computer won't let them make a pizza with cheese on one half. But other places will, and since I don't want to pay for two pizzas I buy pizza elsewhere. Get over it.