Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Katrina, the neverending saga of destruction and corruption

On Monday night, MOTL and I were watching the Saints game. I am still baffled as to why they put Monday Night Football on a cable channel. But then again, I really don't care much about Monday Night Football (or professional football in general). But I digress. Anyway, there were all of these feel good comments about the symbolism of reopening the Superdome and how the Saints' victory was a metaphor for the recovery of New Orleans. For the most part I found it boring, but then little pieces of real information would slip out. It is real nice and all that the Saints are back in the Superdome, but if it was so important and profitable, why didn't Tom Benson pay for it? Why was FEMA money used? Why did they dedicate all of those man hours to rebuild a stadium when people don't have a place to live (I guess people can stay at the Superdome during away games)? And thank god that Hilton rushed everything so that they could provide the football players with a place to live (I guess they can't afford their own homes?). Even Spike Lee was talking about how the Superdome could save New Orleans. Are you kidding me? I lived in New Orleans for three years, I understand that tourism is a big part of the economy. But let's face the facts, the Quarter was basically untouched and how many people go to NO to see the "Aints"? I know I never went to see them when I lived there. The only time I went to the Superdome was to see the monster truck show. Honestly, that place should have been ripped down because it wasn't very nice before it got destroyed.

and in other news of sketchiness... State Farm is now suing two former employees for turning over evidence that it tried to avoid paying claims by manipulating engineering reports on homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina. I'm sure what they did was illegal, but what State Farm did was much worse. On the scale of justice do you illegally turn over information that proves more law breaking or do you sit back and watch the insurance companies rip people off and destroy lives?


Only Grrrl said...

well, the whole thing just pisses off Nervana and me to no end. And I'm really disappointed by your spike lee news...

Fucking football.

mad said...

Face it, the powers that be don't want the poor people to come back. Their big project? A Trump casino downtown. WTF? And who do they think is going to do the minimum wage jobs once the shit is built?

I love the city, but I was never a Saints fan.

pineapple said...

only grrrl: he was like their lap dog, agreeing with everything they said. Now I really don't like Spike Lee as I think he is a misogynist and a bigot, but I couldn't believe that he was going for this symbolism crap when the people he just made a movie are still struggling.

mad: I don't know who is going to work there since there is still no affordable place to live. As for the aints, even though I don't care much for pro football I root for them as an underdog (kind of like I did for the Houston Oilers).