Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sex is dangerous

Well, at least some sex toys are, says Greenpeace. I am so tired of people making things out of toxic materials. It is just stupid.


Only Grrrl said...

That is truly whore-ible.

Someone should alert Betty Dodson.
Says the article:
"Greenpeace research has shown that phthalates can disrupt the human hormonal system, diminishes fertility and adversely affects the kidneys and liver."

Phthalates sounds like what you get when you use toxic sex toys.

On a more serious note: I wish they would tell us exactly which toys have this stuff in them.

pineapple said...

This is just another form of terrorism. Make people afraid because products might have this toxic crap in them. It gets the masses all riled up.

mad said...

Somehow I don't find this all that alarming, although I am kinda curious as to what prompted Greenpeace to do research on it.

pineapple said...

you really do have to wonder