Friday, May 26, 2006

To the powers that be at the Big 12: You suck!

So those jackasses at the Big 12 are at it again. While they did decide to keep the football season at 8 conference games and the conference championship games the same, they are thinking about messing with Texas tradition AGAIN. When Texas was a part of the Southwest Conference, we played the aggies on Thanksgiving Day. It usually led to even more interesting holiday experiences than normal. There's really nothing like a side of rivalry with that turkey dinner. Inevitably, some kid from a Longhorn family would go to a&m against the whole family's wishes (and vice versa). During the game, even the closest most loving families become vicious and rowdy.

When teams once belonging to the Southwest Conference joined the Big 12, Texas and a&m agreed to change the game day to the day after Thanksgiving. I have never really gotten over the change, but I accept it. Football is a business after all. So now they are thinking about changing our game day again. Those assholes want to have teams play regular conference games on Thanksgiving weekend. They give some crap ass explanation about schedules and whatever. Bullshit, Big 12. Now Texas isn't the only school with a tradition. Colorado and Nebraska have their big rivalry game the day after Thanksgiving too. They don't want their game changed either.

Thanksgiving is a time to get together with your family, eat too much food, drink too much, have big fights, and watch all the big rivalry games. Football just has more oomph that weekend. Making it a weekend of regular games will ruin it all.

Get a clue, jackasses.

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