Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rob Corddry is FOX-y

So, FOX has decided to keep its lineup pretty much as it has been (same timeslots and everything). And that's a good thing. Why fix something that isn't broken? And they have given Rob Corddry his own show called "The Winner". That is the best news I've heard all day. So we get to watch 24 (this we know since they resigned Keith Sutherland for 3 years) and Bones. House and Prison Break fans also get to keep watching their shows, too. FOX did replace some of its little watched sitcoms for some crime solving shows. Let's face it everybody stopped watching "That 70s Show" years ago.

CBS has also decided to go with the status quo. And why wouldn't they? They can been the ratings leader all year. They are adding yet another crime show, a comedy and some show about nuclear annihilation. They have also decided to ditch the Sunday Night Movie and replace it with "Amazing Race," "Cold Case", and "Without a Trace." Monday night is comedy night and the rest is CSI, I mean crime dramas and the like.

As expected the CW is a mix of the best of the WB and UPN. Not that I have watched much on either of these networks since they cancelled "Buffy" and "Angel". I love "Supernatural" (and watch it regularly), but I haven't been able to watch "Veronica Mars" because of too many shows in the same timeslot. Maybe this fall that will change. Either it was vicious rumor or they just couldn't make picking up "Invasion" work. Either way, goodbye to a good (and very creepy) show. I guess we will never know what happened to Larkin and her unborn baby.

If you want to look at grid of the new fall lineup go to

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