Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm back from South Texas

This week, I had work to do in George West. Alice , Corpus Christi , and Sinton. You know, just a quick tour of South Texas. One thing I can say is that it was h-o-t. When I got out of the car in Alice, I felt my skin frying in the sun. I guess that's what happens when its 101 degrees. Because I am tired from my rock star tour, I'm only going to write a synopsis of my trip.

One thing I remembered:
Why I live in Texas. As I was driving over the hill on the way into Goliad, the only thing I could see for miles was rolling hill after rolling hill covered in trees. It gave me chills (and it was 98 degrees outside).

Things I learned:
1. There are transgenders everywhere -- even in Alice, Texas. Although I don't know why a transgender (or anyone else for that matter) would stay in Alice.
2. Jesus is the King of Cuero . Its true, I read the sign on the way into town.
3. The Luling Watermelon Thump is the last weekend of June. I am so there!

Things I'd like to forget:
1. How hot Texas is in the summertime (especially since it isn't even summer yet).
2. How crappy it is to drive in San Antonio. I need to remember the Alamo and to take the back roads so I don't have to drive through there again.
3. How much I hate going to George West and that I have to go back next week.

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