Thursday, May 18, 2006

This week is pop culture week

So much has been going on in the pop culture world the past couple of weeks. New networks. The new fall TV Schedule. May sweeps. The Da Vinci Code. Summer blockbusters. But I think Stephen Colbert continues to be the big winner. He has been completely ignored by the media. Of course, he did give them a good lashing. Why would anyone go around broadcasting that they have been doing a shitty job and pandering to the administration? But he wins because he is the top search on Technorati. People just can't stop blogging about how he bashed the president in his face. I know I'm not tired of the hype. Hell, I've even written about it. For those of you that have missed it here is the video of Stephen Colbert's roast of W.


mad said...

The funny thing is, when the MSM bashes Colbert they make it sound like he's supposed to be one of them who lost his way or something. They take him seriously!

BTW, thanks for the link.

pineapple said...

I read this blog that was all about how the liberal media was attacking Stephen Colbert because he was defending the President. At first i thought it was a funny joke, but then after reading some of this guy's other stuff I realized that it was serious. Scary.