Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Immigration and TV reform

Last night the President came on TV to talk about immigration reform. In short, everyone has a different idea about what to do about this "problem" while very few are realistic in their plans. Its like W hasn't never had to deal with immigration issues before. Maybe that's because when he was the governor, he was too busy learning how to mangle the Spanish language. The thing that pissed me off the most about his little speech is that he completely fucked up the television schedule for the night. My DVR was not prepared to make the adjustment to record all of Grey's Anatomy. I'd rather watch that than W anytime.

In other TV news, yesterday NBC confirmed that they have monkeys running their programming department. They cancelled Surface. Instead, they give Regis Philbin a show that rips off American Idol and a new ensemble Friends type show. No wonder NBC comes in fourth in the ratings. They give us crap TV. How many times a week do you have to watch some version of Law and Order? At least My Name is Earl and Medium will be back.

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