Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tour de Texas

Now that Lance Armstrong got his proposition for cancer funding passed, the media is all about him running for office. Are they for real? He has proven himself to be an articulate speaker and quite the bad ass on a bike. But does that qualify him to be Governor or a U.S. Senator? Oh, wait. I guess it does. When you look at the last two yahoos Texans have elected to be Governor, it is obvious that even a box of rocks is qualified.

And our Senators haven't been that great either. John Cornyn doesn't even know how to send replies to the letters his constituents send. Well, at least he hasn't replied to any of mine and I've sent him quite a few. That, and he is total asshat. The Breck Girl (Kay Bailey Hutchinson) has been decent in that she writes back, but until the whole SCHIP thing she has stuck with her party. Thus, she is an asshat to a slighter degree. I do wonder about someone that is considering quitting the Senate to be Governor. Our Governor has no power, so why would you do that?

I guess the only thing Lance Armstrong can do now to ruin his chances is if he dates both of the Olsen twins at the same time, I mean we are a red state after all.


mad said...

I don't know if Armstrong would make a better guv than Kinky, but he couldn't be half as bad as Bush or what's his face, the current GOP joke.

Only Grrrl said...

I'm voting for Box-o-Rocks.

Wed. said...

I heard Lance was seen making out with one of the olsen twins..or maybe he was just interviewing her for a campaign volunteer position?

pineapple said...

mad: maybe Ashley Olsen can be first lady. That would be hot.

only grrrl: that would be your best bet because so far the only people interested in being governor are kind of scary.

wed.: she's an intern. and we all know what that means!

Mojo said...

The media is "all about" him running for office? Since when? From what I gather, they're curious if he's going to - he certainly seems interested. But I haven't gotten the impression that anybody particularly cares if he does or not.

pineapple said...

last wednesday they were all about it. that's what they do because there doesn't seem to be any real news. they just speculate over and over about things that might happen. truth be told, I don't care one way or another.