Monday, November 19, 2007

Today's Nutty Ebay Find

If you are interested and have a lot of money to buy a nut, then this auction is for you. You can buy an alleged chestnut from the tree that Anne Frank could see from her window when she was hiding from the Nazis. The seller will give you proof of his residence as proof that the chestnut is really from that tree. That is indisputable proof, no? Maybe you are thinking you can just go get your own Anne Frank chestnut instead of paying a huge sum for such a small nut? Well, you better get over to Keizersgracht 188 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, real quick like because they are chopping down the disease ridden tree on the 21st. You can get there if you leave right away. And there isn't anything more traditional than Thanksgiving at a hash bar. But if you decide you just can't make the trip, bidding was up to $10,100.00 when I last checked and the auction ends November 20th at 18:38:26 PST. Get cracking, people!


Huckdoll said...

I don't even know what to say about this...except, the last thing I'd be going to Amsterdam for is to buy a nut. Unless of course, it was chopped up and sprinkled atop an Amsterdam brownie. Fact.

mad said...

Them nutty Dutch.

Jill said...

So how come Neiman Marcus doesn't grab this for it's Christmas biggy?

pineapple said...

huckdoll: exactly.

mad: so punny.

jill: they could really take that whole Jews selling Christmas things to a new level.