Thursday, November 15, 2007

Curse Of The Wet Pants

This morning didn't start out too well. I finally got in my car to make my 7 minute commute. I wasn't really awake so I took a cup of coffee with me. The problem is that the mug was too big for the cup holder. Why not a travel mug you ask? Because I haven't got one anymore. I don't know why, but I don't. So I have the coffee sitting on the console which was alright for driving down the highway. However, the whole coffee cup plus right turn brings those inconvenient physics into play and next thing I remember is that I forgot to grab the cup before I turned. I remembered this as coffee was going across my legs. Good thing I was wearing black pants.

Next liquid disaster was at lunch when I poured some of my iced tea in my lap. Since I was at lunch with my coworkers and boss, that really made it special. Good thing I was wearing black pants. Do you think they are wondering why they hired someone too stupid to drink an iced tea? I had a self imposed ban on liquids for the rest of the day because I just couldn't take the discomfort of wet pants anymore. I suppose I need to invest in a sippy cup to prevent diaper rash.


Evil Spock said...

At least the iced tea helped with the 3rd degree burns you suffered from the coffee.

So who are you going to sue to make your humiliation worth it?

huckdoll said...

Mine would be Curse of the White Tee. I'd love nothing more than to put a white tee on in the AM and it be spotless by PM. Hmmm, I wonder what my black tee's actually look like :O

Haha, you took a mug of coffee to work...sweet.

pineapple said...

evil spock: I guess I will sue the germans for making cup holders that can't hold coffee and the japanese for serving iced tea with sushi.

huckdoll: for obvious reasons I cannot wear white anything.

mad said...

Where are the photographs?

Wed. said...

sorry you had wet pants all day. I guess I need to send you a travel mug for x-mas!!!! or Depends adult diapers.. I hear they are really absorbant!!! no I'm kiddin..

Hope you are liking the new job.

pineapple said...

mad: I'm telling you because my pants were black you so couldn't tell that they were wet and covered in coffee and tea. It was just uncomfortable. You are just going to have to take my word for it.

wed: Thanks for the thought, but I think I'm going to have to get one this weekend. There are just too many accidents that could happen between now and christmas. I could drown a village with all of that lost caffeine!