Saturday, November 17, 2007

How Bad Could It Be?

I was watching Best Week Ever and this week they declared "Moral Bankruptcy" was having the best week ever. Then they went on to talk about this video on the internet that was so bad that they couldn't show it on TV. What they did show was videos that people took of themselves watching this video. There were even videos that people took when they showed their mom this video. Now that is moral bankruptcy. To be honest, my maturity level isn't all that so naturally I wanted to see the video. I was thinking, "How bad could it be?" Really. Fucking. Bad. I didn't have the stomach to watch the whole thing. It was that ill. Do not watch it. And if you are wondering, my reaction was a lot like this:


Evil Spock said...

Is this like the Ring? Are you going to die?

pineapple said...

No but I had a serious need to bleach my eyes and wash my brain with alcohol.

Mamacher said...

What the hell was the original, as I have no desire to test my gag reflex???

pineapple said...

i can't tell you. mostly because you really do not want to know. you have to trust me on this.

LunaNik said...

i saw this video also.


i heard it was fake anyway.

the 'brains' behind the operation is a man from brazil who started making foot fetish flixs with his wife and then went on to bigger and better things from there

he said in an interview that he can get 'actors' to do his movies, but not work with the real thing

unfortunately, the vomit is real

(btw, found you thru huckdoll's blog)

pineapple said...

i don't know if the video was fake or not, but everyone once in a while I think about it and my stomach turns. I am totally scarred for life and I only watched about 12 seconds (but it felt like forever).