Friday, October 03, 2008

No Bingo For Pineapple

First of all, the debate was a disappointment because I didn't win at Palin Bingo. So that totally sucked. Of course, the downside of playing Palin Bingo is that you have to carefully listen to every single, grating word the Runner-Up had said. This is why I feel like I am an expert on the Vice Presidential Debate. Because I didn't spend very much time taunting and making fun. I mostly listened. While I was impressed with the Runner-Up's ability to actually complete coherent thoughts about issues, I was more amazed that she managed to only directly answer two questions all night. For example, when asked about Pakistan she completely failed to mention that country in her answer. I know this because "Pakistan" was on my bingo card. So basically she had some prepared answers and she gave then no matter what the question was. And then she would wink or say "you know". I can't believe Biden only called her out one time for not answering the question. I guess he doesn't like to repeat himself that many times.

But the most appalling thing was that Biden had to give The Runner-Up a civics lesson. Which goes to show, that they have not fully prepped her about what a Vice President really does and what their Constitutional duties are. Or, she asked Dick Cheney. From her answer last night, that appears to be the case. There were two lawyers in the room watching and we were both stunned into silenced by her answer about how she wants to expand the powers of the Vice President in its flexible role of being part of the Executive Branch (convenient when you want to avoid subpoenas) and being part of the Legislative Branch (convenient when you want to make unconstitutional laws). Maybe she can out-Cheney Cheney by figuring out how the Vice President is also part of the Judicial Branch? Just fuck the Constitution to hell, why don't ya?

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mad said...

Even a Fox News poll right after the debate had Biden winning the debate 61% to 39%. I guess all that winking gosh darns and dontchas didn't go over all that well. Shit, I don't want people in the White House who are like me, I want people there who are better than me. Course, I'm not at all like her. But the point is, she SUCKS.