Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe Sixpack vs. Joe the Plumber

There's been a lot of talk about "Joe". First there was all this "Joe Sixpack" business. I mean is that much better than being "John Q. Public" or "John Doe"? Because that is what they (as in the Republican Fuck Squad) are talking about when they use this term. Joe Sixpack is a term that means all apathetic Americans that don't really factor into their politics at all. They should just be honest and say and "all the Americans that I don't give a shit about because you don't give a shit about me" instead of Joe Sixpack. Of course, honesty is not the strong suit for Mayor McCheese or for Caribou Barbie.

But "Joe the Plumber" is all the rage today. So who is this dude? Well, his real name is Joe Wurzelbacher from Ohio. But this is who he really is: a jackass that doesn't have a plumber's license and has no real plan to buy a business (and that business does not make more than $250,000 a year). Just in case you are wondering, in Ohio you have to have a license to operate as a plumber. I looked it up. And now that everyone knows that he and his employer are operating without a license, he may not have to worry about paying taxes at all when he is out of a job. Also, kudos to the fact checkers working for the Mayor! As always, you do a stellar job. Keep up the good work.

So as Mayor McCheese made his case for "Joe the Plumber" over 20 times last night, he was really going to bat for someone just as foolish, dishonest and irresponsible as himself. That's just neat! In the end, I'd rather hang with Joe Sixpack because he's honest about who he is and, most importantly, he's got a six pack.


Jill said...

Let's hope Joe's boss has a license. Joe could work as a helper under his boss's one. I am sick of those Joes. My husband has a Master Plumber license. I wish he made $250,000. He had his own business for a while, no where near that kind of money. As for those two Joes, get some lipstick!

pineapple said...

Nope. Joe's boss is unlicensed as well. Not only that, but the tax thing is a non-issue since he doesn't pay his taxes (there's a tax lien) and he would save money under Obama's plan because he makes $40k a year. All around this guy is just a jackass.

mad said...

The local plumber's union has never heard of the guy. They dubbed him Joe the Fake Plumber. Hahaha.

pineapple said...

And John the Dumbass keeps talking about how great he is (even though he is an unlicensed, non-taxpaying, fool.