Thursday, August 14, 2008

Me and My Crapple

This has been a difficult week in the world of Pineapple. For one thing, on Sunday my computer turned off for no reason. I finally got it turned on, made backups of everything of importance and then lost power again. In short? I watch helplessly as Mayor McCheese continues on the campaign trail while I'm left wondering how can I get a new computer to use for the sole purpose of blogging about him. Mayor McCheese is always doing the dumb thing and this Pineapple must remain silent (or misappropriate state resources because she is desperate to blog).

So here are some of the blogs I could have written if I only had a new Apple with a battery that works:

1. Mayor McCheese Changes His Mind (Again): Flashback to Mayor McCheese's joke that he stopped beating his wife. So funny. Not! Now come back to the present day and picture Candy McCain standing by her man with a sling on her arm. She says she sprained it when she was shaking hands with an over zealous fan. Really? Because I thought maybe she ran into a wall. Or maybe she just related to the Glass Man (Amelie reference). But if her goofy ass outfit is any indication, they gave her some pretty strong drugs for that arm. Note to self: start shaking hands with over zealous fans.

2. Mayor McCheese Discovers The Wikipedia: After some speculation as to whether he has really learned how to use "The Internets" or "The Google" we find that he can use "The Wikipedia". After making a riveting speech about Georgia (no doubt his opinions carefully crafted by his campaign advisor that also doubles as a lobbyist for the country of Georgia), we discover that Mayor McCheese is also a contributing author to The Wikipedia. I mean how else could his speech and the entry for Georgia have three entire passages that say the same thing, word for word? And speaking of Georgia, I have also been enjoying the messages that the Georgian president has directed to Mayor McCheese. How nice that he is already owned by another country and he hasn't even been officially nominated?

3. Best Quote of the Week (so far): "I'm tired of being the middleman between crazy and crazier" Keesha of BB10 (referring to April and Libra during her screaming and crying freakout). I love irony!

So, I am trying to get this whole Crapple thing worked out. But until then, my blogging will be limited at best as I am not looking to get fired from my job. Wish me luck.


Jill said...

Hang in there! I am having to use my husband's laptop since my pc was felled by a terminal illness. I am trying to save money now for a new, better one. Then maybe I will later fix the old pc for a back up. On the other hand I could just throw it out the window. Not a long trip.

mad said...

I'm having seriously second thoughts about Apple. But good luck! You can always find a computer at Kinkos. Heh.