Saturday, August 09, 2008

I Was So Going To Boycott The Olympics

Seriously. I even told people that I was going to boycott the Olympics. I honestly believe that China should never have been selected to host the games because of their "issues". You know, its the little things like Tibet, censorship of information and ideas, and human rights violations. But the real reason I was going to "boycott" the Olympics was because I really lacked an interest. It is very easy to take the moral high ground when it doesn't inconvenience you. Besides, telling someone you are boycotting the Olympics sounds better than not watching them because you are apathetic. Well, people, the apathy is gone. Last night I was on the phone with the Pineapple Dad and we were looking through the channel guide discussing what was on TV when we discovered that there are foreign language channels devoted to the Olympics. I can't answer you as to why we were even discussing the foreign language channels as neither one of us is fluent in any of them -- but I guess that isn't really the point to this story that seems to be getting longer and longer. In short, there is a Korean channel and a Mandarin Chinese channel. We watched some soccer on each channel and came to the same conclusion. If we are going to watch the Olympics, we are going to watch them in Chinese. Yesterday afternoon, I watched China vs. New Zealand and Netherlands vs. Nigeria. And what makes it more interesting it that they don't tell you what they are going to be showing that day. The channel guide lists it as "Sports Misc." I can't wait to watch the Miscellaneous Olympics!


mad said...

I am not watching the Olympics in any language because I AM totally apathetic. Besides, who wants to listen to Bob Costas bloviate.

pineapple said...

But when you watch them shoot guns on the Korean channel, they play this music that sounds like Journey except it is in Korean. Take that, Bob Costas!