Monday, August 11, 2008

Mayor McCheese Announces He Isn't Running For President After All

Isn't that wishful thinking? Actually, the rumors circulating are that he is only running for one term. Who does he think he is? James K. Polk, Napoleon of the Stump? I just don't think he can manage to accomplish as much in four years for several reasons: we already have an independent treasury, the Mexicans turned over the lands they did command, and the English already sold us the Oregon Territory*. All things that Mayor McCheese remembers. I'd bet if he was elected President that he wouldn't be allowed to act on behalf of himself anyway, much the same way he does not speak on behalf of his campaign. So why bother running for president? And why bother electing someone that knows he is too old to serve for more than four years? I suppose the upside of all of this would be that on the unlikely change he won, we would only get stuck with three terms of Bush instead of four. How is that for some positive Monday morning thinking?

* Thank you, They Might Be Giants for this lesson in history.


mad said...

Good campaign ploy. He must be trying to woo the undecideds.

pineapple said...

or he is just an idiot.