Monday, July 28, 2008

Mayor McCheese does more dumb stuff

Well, Mayor McCheese (a/k/a John McCain) just can't leave it alone. He has gone crazy (some more)and the truth be damned! Seriously. So you wonder what the fuckwad has done today, huh?

1. He ran a ridiculous ad. Mayor McCheese makes some pretty hefty and ridiculous allegations. Can you say "swift boat," but without the swift part or even the boat part? Here are some highlights:

a. He accuses Obama of not holding any Senate sub-Committee hearings on Afghanistan. Technically this is true. Obama has not personally held any hearings on Afghanistan. However, he has attended a Committee hearing on Afghanistan. And since when have Senate sub-Committee hearings solved anything?

b. Mayor McCheese further alleges that Obama canceled his trip to see injured troops in Germany because the Pentagon wouldn't allow him to take cameras in so he went to play basketball instead. Again, not true. Basically the Pentagon told him that he couldn't go. However, he did visit injured troops while he was in the Middle East during the fact finding part of the trip. And even fellow traveler Senator Hagel (a friend of the McCheese) said the ad was way off base and inappropriate. The big irony of it all? The picture featuring Obama playing basketball was taken when he was playing basketball in Kuwait with the troops. I guess Mayor McCheese's lessons on the "the internets" haven't taught him to use "the googles" yet so he could find out that this video is all over the damn place.

c. He sums it up by saying that he is always there for the troops. Oh really??? Is that why he only showed up for 4 out of the 14 votes on Iraq in 2007? Because he is always there? This year, he has shown up for exactly NONE. And when he did vote, he repeatedly voted against increased funding for the troops. What an ass. I guess he was too damn busy eating cheese. It is little things like this and the fact that he only shows up for about half of all the votes taken in the Senate that make you wonder what kind of president he will be. Oh wait, we've already had that president. You know. That dude that was always taking off work to hang out at his "brush ranch" in Crawford, Texas.

2. Just what do you mean by timetable? Last Friday Mayor McCheese once again stole one of Obama's ideas and said that a timetable to leave Iraq would be a good idea. You may recall a previous bout of plagiarism with the I'm going to send three brigades to Afghanistan. Today, he denies every using the word timetable. Either he is soft in the brain because he doesn't remember saying it or he thinks the American public is soft in the head and will believe him. So here are the two conclusions you could make. He is in the early stages of dementia or he believes that he can say whatever he wants without being held accountable for it. Wherever you go with this, he sucks.


mad said...

Ah who pays attention to that fucktard anyways.

pineapple said...

apparently me. I've becoming a little obsessed.