Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'd Like to Introduce My New Muse

Meet my new friend, John "fuckwad" McCain. And in that token let's get to it. Over the past few weeks, my new buddy has made some HUGE blunders that seem to be glossed over by the news media outlets. Unless you are an avid blog reader or watch a show like Countdown with Keith Olberman, you just aren't really going to see what that jerk is up to. His supporters are frequently talking about his "authenticity" but what is really quite apparent is that he is a double-talking fool.

Let's start with the "big" news that Phil Gramm finally stepped down as campaign co-chair and as his economic adviser. Why wait so long? Well mostly because the media just didn't jump all over Phil Gramm's ass the way they should have. That, and Mr. McSame didn't demand he get the fuck out of his campaign. McSame just made him stop speaking out in public. When your economic adviser starts talking about mental recessions you have to step in. Of course, first you have to recognize that "mental recessions" are ridiculous and attacking the American public for being a bunch of whiners is way out of line. I guess it is really hard to get worked up about the rising cost of everything when you don't actually know anyone effected by it. I suppose it wasn't time to step down until the news about Phil Gramm's movie career got out. You can tell people that the increased price of gas is all in your head and you better stop whining about it, but you can not be responsible for bringing us movies like White House Madness and Truck Stop Women.

Obviously getting ride of Phil Gramm (again) had nothing to do with his being the creator of the Enron Loophole or anything like that. I do wonder what will happen to McCain's imaginary economy policy without Phil Gramm to take him down Figment Lane.


mad said...

Heh. Just in case you missed this one: Things Younger Than John McCain:

pineapple said...

There are so many things that are younger than John McCain. You'd think the book would have more.