Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Why can't I...

find Ishtar on DVD? I bet my cheap DVD player doesn't play European DVDs (the only place they released it on DVD). The year Ishtar came out, they called it the biggest flop of all time. What dumbasses. That is a really funny movie. If you haven't seen it, then you are probably thinking that it is one of the worst movies of all time. Don't believe the hype. It is a fantastically hilarious story about the dumbest and worst lounge singers ever that get sent to Ishtar because that is the only job they can find. The songs they sing are wonderfully awful.

What brought this whole thing up was that last night on the Golden Globes they honored Warren Beatty and actually showed a very, very short clip of Ishtar. Actually, I'm not even sure it was long enough to qualify as a clip (it was more of a hint or a blurb than a clip). Usually they ignore your bombs altogether when they tell you how great you are. I recall seeing some tribute for Tom Hanks and they just flat out ignored Joe Versus the Volcano. That was a funny movie, but I guess it was just too weird for the mainstream movie audience. So what I'm really getting to is that you should check out Ishtar and the movie people need to embrace its cult status and release on DVD in the U.S. How else am I going to get my blind camel fix?



mad said...

Yeah, you can't even find it on Netflix, which offers just about every movie, crappy or not, on the planet.

Only Grrrl said...

But I heard it sucked.

pineapple said...

Here is a quote from Gary Larson that sums up public opinion about Ishtar:

In one of Gary Larson's The Far Side comic strips, captioned "Hell's Video Store", the entire store is stocked with nothing but copies of the movie Ishtar. Larson has apologized, saying "When I drew the above cartoon, I had not actually seen Ishtar. ... Years later, I saw it on an airplane, and was stunned at what was happening to me: I was actually being entertained. Sure, maybe it's not the greatest film ever made, but my cartoon was way off the mark. There are so many cartoons for which I should probably write an apology, but this is the only one which compels me to do so."

So the point is, you shouldn't believe the hype. The movie is hilarious!