Wednesday, April 12, 2006

don't ever drive your car again!

Over the past several years, I have seen quite a few emails and myspace bulletins about gas boycotts. The latest one is that you shouldn't buy gas from ExxonMobil until they lower the price of gas to $1.30. The theory being that since they are the largest oil company, that they will be forced to lower prices if their gas sales drop. This is just as ridiculous as not buying gas on whatever random day "they" tell you not to. For one thing, the oil and gas industry is not strictly based on the supply and demand theory. There are factors like instability in countries that supply the petroleum products on which we rely, the commodities market, the whims of the stock market, etc. And as much as you wish it were true, the gas they sell at the pump is not their only source of income. So good luck with your boycott. In my opinion, if you are so concerned about the price of gas then stop driving your fucking car.

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