Saturday, September 12, 2009

I had no idea!

Did you know that the Ford Pinto hit the American market on September 11, 1970? I had no idea until I was watching Countdown last night (yes, how lame of me to sit at home alone on a Friday night watching a newsertainment show). Frankly, I'd rather remember that on September 11th. Much less depressing, no? I mean, check out this ad:

After all, it was the little carefree car (with just a little case of fire and explosion).


mad said...

It's not exactly true that the Pinto was unsafe at ANY speed. It was fairly safe when it was parked and doing zero. Heh.

mad said...

P.S. Sometimes on a Friday night, I watch C-SPAN. Now that is pathetic.

pineapple said...

No matter if the Pinto is in motion or not, it is always quite ugly. But I feel like as a almost young and definitely single person, I should be out on Friday nights. No?