Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Grow up!

My DOGS paid better attention to the President than some people (hello! Eric Cantor I could see you texting and fooling around on your phone the whole time Obama was speaking. Maybe if you paid attention you would learn something). And my dogs did not yell out inappropriate or regrettable things during his speech (Joe Wilson, you should not call the President a liar when he clearly is not. Show some respect, asshat). In fact, they sat on the couch a listened the whole time. Often times they politely wagged their tails (of course, they have always loved Obama). And they probably understood more than Charles Boustany as evidenced by his rebuttal (how many times were you sued for malpractice anyway? three?).

At this point, I am going to insist that the Republicans take some lessons in manners from my unruly dogs. That may be the only way we will get healthcare reform.


Jill said...

I'm with your dogs. I guess you don't have to be insane to be in Washington, but it must help. Jeez. Just let the whole world know what idiots we have elected to congress. Oh joy.

pineapple said...

No worries. The world figured that out in 2000. And they probably were already aware of our tendency to elected asshats.