Thursday, December 25, 2008

Even Barney is Fed Up!

This is a special Christmas Edition of my "Good-bye to You, W!" series.

Every year the Bush family has subjected Barney to some sort of Christmas adventure. In 2001, Barney and Spotty tell us all about decorating the White House for Christmas through a series of pictures with really lame dialogue. By 2002, the technology of home videos hits the White House and the Barney Cam is born. In 2003, Barney decides to play ball instead of decorating the White House and leaves Alberto Gonzales on his own to figure out where to hang a wreath. This is also the year that Dick Cheney is removed from the White House Christmas website. Bah humbug! And the scroogery continues in 2004 when they decide not to make a new Barney movie and just post the two previous videos. Lame!

2005 presented a new challenge to Barney: Miss Beazley! This is when we see a glimpse of his temper, temper! Don't worry, they work it out in the end.

In 2006, Bush asks Barney, "What's the plot about?" Why Barney didn't just bite him for his bad grammar, I will never know. But the show must go on. Once Barney decides on a "Holiday Extravaganza" he has to ask for money for his production. This is where it gets even better because in response to his budget request, Paulson tells Barney, "we are out of money." Karl Rove auditions and Dolly Parton comes to watch.

"Holidays in the National Parks" was the theme for 2007 and Barney and Miss Beazley don't disappoint. They do what they can to become junior park rangers and we learn about 50 times that the White House sits within one of our national parks.

Unfortunately, we save the worst Barney cam for last. This one just has a bunch of bad acting (which isn't that much different than the other years), but without any redeeming qualities. It is a bad sign when the Olympic gold medalists are the best actors and they aren't that good.

No wonder it has come to this:

That poor dog has got to be sick of their crap by now.


mad said...

Sort of sums up the entire last eight years in less than a minute!

pineapple said...

You could call it a talent.