Thursday, October 26, 2006

Things I learned today

This morning I was watching Faux News and learned some very interesting things:
1. Madonna is a horrible person because she should have adopted an American baby. But its alright for Angelina Jolie??? I don't get it.
2. Where you shop and what you drink is indicative of your political party. For example, Chevy driver, gun owners and bourbon drinkers tend to be Republican. Target shoppers and gin drinkers tend to be Democrats. So, I shop at Target and like bourbon (just the thought of gin makes me want to puke). What does that make me?
3. There is an epidemic of pet obesity. They've put out a challenge for you to teach your dog to give into the hype that you can never be too thin...
4. When assholes like Michael McCaul (my Republican representative that NEVER writes me back when I send him letters) start talking about securing the Mexican border (you know, the $4 billion fence that you can climb with a $10 ladder), it makes it much more tolerable to listen to Black Velvet Flag's "Institutionalized". Lounge Punk Rock really takes off the edge.


mad said...

I guess shopping at Target and drinking bourbon makes you a libertarian.

pineapple said...

Or maybe bourbon tastes better than gin and Target isn't as evil of a discount empire as Wal-mart?