Thursday, October 05, 2006

Alcoholism is an excuse for anything

So am I to believe that Mark Foley sent inappropriate emails to a 16 year old because he is an alcoholic? Get real, asshole. Or maybe because he was molested? Shouldn't that mean he knows how shitty it is to be buggered by old geezers. And now he is out of the closet. Great, so now closed minded idiots can say that all gay men are child molesters. Mark Foley is a disgrace to humanity and the GOP has aided and abetted his disgusting crimes against a child by covering it up for a year. What ever happened to the GOP's push for family values? What a crock of shit. So many are willing to force their morality onto others but refuse to believe that it applies to them. I hope he rots in jail. You know what happens to child predators in prison? Often times they get shanked. Criminals see them as the lowest of the low. Happy shanking ass wipe.


mad said...

I just heard Dennis Hastert blame the liberals for engineering all this. WTF? George Soros, Bill Clinton and ABC News timed this for the mid-terms. He even threw in Dick Morris. Double WTF! You have to give the Repugnicans points for surrealism. Or something.

pineapple said...

Of course! The Democrats made that fuckwad become gay, made him do creepy things to young boys, molested him as a teeneager, and they forced him to drink. Didn't you know?

mad said...

As entertaining as all this crap is, I'll be happy when the November election is over and we all can get back to the "normal" bullshit.

Only Grrrl said...

Mark Foley gives alcohol a bad name. Now, excuse me while I go crash the grrrrl dorm with a couple of Bartles and James.

sonu said...

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