Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Boycott South Dakota

Not that I really ever had much of a desire to go there, but I will never go to South Dakota. Lawmakers passed a law that basically outlaws all abortions and the governor signed it. However, there were enough sane people that signed a petition that will put it to the people's vote in November. Under this law there is not even an exception for rape victims or if the pregnancy threatens a mother life. Apparently, the only thing you can do under this law is take the morning after pill. Other wise you get to have an unwanted child. It is almost impossible to get an abortion in South Dakota. There is only one clinic that provides abortions and the only doctor that provides abortions flies in one day a week from Minnesota. Isn't that enough of a hurdle to making decisions about your own body? This is just one more reason to never go there. On the otherhand, maybe we can turn South Dakota into the Isreal of right wing christians. Can we make them all live there, then this wouldn't be a problem.


mad said...

The anti-abortion toads managed to close all but one clinic in Mississippi by changing zoning laws and that one clinic was on the verge of closing. Scary.

pineapple said...

In New Orleans, most of the clinics listed in the phone book are really those brainwashing places that tell you that jesus hates you for wanting to have an abortion.