Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Listserves can be fun!

As I was searching for an email with a forgotten password to some online thing, I ran across an email that was sent on my neighborhood listserve in 2005. The email was sent in response to a garage sale purchase that went horribly wrong. I saved the email because I love it when people call out others for their bad behavior in public forums. Besides every time I read it, I giggle. Enjoy:

******* ******** from **** ******** Rd, you caught me totally off
guard today. What you did was totally amoral and I want my planter
back. Once you sell something to someone you have no right to come a
month later and claim you should have gotten more money for it so you
want it back! I must have been off my mind when i gave it back to
you... I want you to return the object to me.
Thank you.
**** ** *******



mad said...

Doesn't speak well of your neighborhood. I hope Rd moved...and gave his/her planter back.

pineapple said...

luckily, I don't live there anymore. I've always wondered if the planter was returned.

berto said...

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