Sunday, April 13, 2008

I finally did it!

Next Saturday is the infamous shred day. I claimed that this was the year to deal with all that paper mess I've collected over the years. In an effort to put off doing my taxes (and to find more expenses I can deduct) I went through every single piece of paper I have. I started with two file drawers full of old files, three boxes and 6 sacks of papers. I ended up with 4 boxes of shredding, 3 bags of recycling, 3 red rope folders of "keepers", and one small bag of trash. I also found some pretty interesting (and some not so interesting) things mixed up with all that paper. In my fit of productivity found the following:

2 expired driver's licenses;
my student ID from law school;
my rapids rewards card (I was wondering what happened to that thing!);
a book of crossword puzzles;
2 old library cards;
my Social Security card that I signed when I first learned cursive;
a mosaic (see photo);
6 ticket stubs;
a small piece of pink fabric;
8 24 cent stamps;
3 bags from the Apple Store;
return address stickers with my parents address on them;
a "Voice Mail Log" with messages from 2000;
a blank postcard from The Sands Motel in Giddings, Texas;
14 pads of paper;
Elvis tights and 2 pairs of fishnet stockings (one black and one red);
2 Texas Ex Lifetime Member bumper stickers;
3 spiral notebooks;
a notepad from 2000 from the Travis County Democratic Party;
102 file folders;
two micro cassettes;
a AA battery charger;
a promotional letter opener from a custom home builder;
1 three ring binder;
A Tigger Pez dispenser still in the package;
gay porn;
17 manila envelopes;
3 pens;
a stack of bank deposit slips;
one dead lizard;
a blank CD-R;
a small plastic superman;
one AA battery
A battery for a car alarm key fob that goes to a car I no longer own;
a coat hanger; and
The Junior Historian magazine from November 1953.


mad said...

Gay porn? You do keep a lot of, um, stuff.

Only Grrrl said...

and a partridge in a etc etc....

Jill said...

You sound like my husband who can not seem to part with so many things from clothes he'll never wear again to the old issue of some "men's magazines" he has kept for years. Not to mention I don't know how many plumbing licenses from years ago.

pineapple said...

mad: that's it...

only grrrl: exactly

jill: luckily I can part with other junk or I'd be one of those crazy people that has sit stacked up all over the house with little pathways to go from room to room.

number said...

To the owner of this blog, how far youve come?