Sunday, February 17, 2008

Moving Is Hard

Ever since we started putting our stuff in boxes, Laverne and Shirley have gone from being mildly curious to extremely horrified. At first, the boxes were interesting and the tape was delicious. Shirley has only managed to destroy one roll of tape, but it hasn't been for lack of trying. Several times I have misplaced the tape and found it in her pile of hoarded items. Over the past couple of weeks of turmoil, I have also found several books and socks there. She has been quite the kleptomaniac as of late. But really they have had enough of this shit. Now when you build a box, they both hide under the coffee table. This is not easy for two dogs that weigh over 50 pounds each. Today they were coping well with the packing until I had a major battle with the tape and lost. I admit it. The tape kicked my ass.

When I ran out of tape yesterday I had the choice of the wrong sized tape or the tape that came in a funky dispenser. So, the fool that I am, I went with the tape in the dispenser. It seems like once the tape gets tangled that first time, it just happens more frequently. Last night, the tape dispenser thing came apart a few times but nothing major. This morning there was some minor tangling, but things were pretty much under control. But then I was in a packing groove and sealing a box when the tape got inexplicably tangled beyond belief. At this point I cussed out the tape at the top of my lungs. It is possible that even a sailor would have been embarrassed by my tirade. This sent the dogs into panic mode and they fled from the safety of the coffee table to the backyard. I was listening to my iPod at full blast, but I'm pretty sure I heard MOTL laughing at me. So I am just wondering, have the people at 3M even bothered to use their products? I dare them to use this fucking tape dispenser to pack up the contents of a whole house because this thing just doesn't make packing any easier. It makes me hate engineers -- well at least the assholes that work in the scotch tape department at 3M.


Jill said...

I think tape was invented by a seriously deluded individual!

pineapple said...

I agree!