Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh! The Idiots!

Now that I have a lot more time to blog, I don't have a thing to say. Mostly because I am tired of all the idiots.

I guess I could rant about the plan to put up a fence on the border. In McAllen, Texas, the fence divides up the college there. Not to mention the fact that this plan basically cedes our land to Mexico by changing the border. The border presently falls in the middle of the Rio Grande, but this plan effectively changes that. Also, all of the bridges maintianed by the United States will now be on the Mexican side of the fence. Whoever decided that putting up a fence was a good idea was an idiot.

Or I could complain about Pretty Boy Perry's latest stunt. By using his line item veto, he cut funding to community colleges. Way to make sure that kids that can't afford to go to state universities can't afford to got to community college either. Way to make it more expensive to get trained in a vocation. There is nothing more productive and helpful to the economy than making sure another generation enters the workforce with a huge mound of debt. What an idiot.

Or I could always talk about Paris. That idiot is getting out of jail soon.



Mamacher said...

Please, please, please find your inner blogger again! I turn to you in times of strife and ennui to find some insightful and very humorouse take on the ways of the world.

mad said...

Hear hear!

Anyway, I suppose we could cede that part of South Texas to Mexico. A friend actually lived in McAllen and pretty much was run out of town for reasons that had nothing to do with immigration.

pineapple said...

mamacher: flattery will get you everywhere with me. Just after I posted this, I found a topic of interest. Oh! The Irony!

mad: as someone that has spent a lot of time in South Texas, I can see the argument for just getting rid of it once and for all. But it looks like we are keeping it for now and they are going to run a fence thorugh it that is willy nilly. At this point, I don't think the fence has anything to do with immigration issues. It is really just a matter of some idiot in D.C. (or some other far away place) using a computer to draw a map without any regard to the reality of the situation. Idiots.

pineapple said...

and something else, mamacher, you need to get back to blogging yourself. I enjoy your blog but there just isn't enough. more, more, more!