Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some stupid things and people I saw today

I'm tired of the stories about the astronaut that got arrested. She allegedly committed a criminal act and obviously she needs medical attention. This is a story about bad judgment and probably serious mental illness. Instead the media is creating all sorts of extra drama and sensationalizing the story. Here is a sample of the stupid crap I have been subjected to:

1. An idiot psychologist say, "this didn't come from a sad place, it came from a mad place." What school did you flunk out of? If I went to therapy and he/she/it said something like that I would tell that therapist to fuck off.

2. A headline that read "Astronaut suffered 'mental anguish'" No kidding.

3. Listening to Jay Leno (I was at the laundry mat so I had no choice) making jokes about the police having to frisk someone wearing a diaper. Asshole.

4. Some show on Headline News picking out who should play these people in the TV movie. Just in case you were wondering Holly Hunter should be cast as Lisa Nowak; Bill Paxton as William Oefelein, and Anne Heche as Colleen Shipman. This woman has serious problems and the media is trying to book Holly Hunter's next acting gig?

I'm glad the media is taking such a sensitive approach to this story. And I'm sure her kids appreciate it too.


mad said...

Shit, now I feel bad for writing something about it. Although, in my defense, I never used her name or mentioned the diaper thing.

pineapple said...

Don't feel bad. I liked the haiku. I tried to comment but it wouldn't let me...