Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I think I like Chris Bell

As I was driving to one of my favorite places for work this morning, I heard Chris Bell on the radio. Honestly, my apathy towards the election this year has surprised me. I really haven't really been giving a shit about who might be our next governor. Or anything else for that matter. Texas has become all republic, all the time and there is not an end in sight. But, I digress. So, anyway, he was talking about school finance (a sexy topic) and he seemed like a reasonable, intelligent person that wants to solve the problem. He, unlike so many politicians, actually has kids that are in public school. He also recognized that whatever those idiots (my word NOT his) do this special session is just the beginning and there is a lot more to do. He already makes Rick Perry look like a world class fool on this point alone. Although Perry doesn't need anyone's help to look like a fool since that just comes naturally. Up until today, I was actually thinking about voting for Kinky just because he would at least have something funny to say even if it lacked substance. Now I think I might be able to cast a vote that I can feel good about. Of course, November is a ways away and I can always change my mind.

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