Friday, February 20, 2009

blogging is a lot like going to the gym...

... you skip a couple of days and next thing you know it has been weeks since you considered writing anything. And honestly, I haven't been compelled to really bitch about much. It seems that my dissatisfaction with the world has been a driving force behind this blog. I guess I really am a bitch. Recently my biggest complaint has been that they don't tell me enough about the Obama girls. Do they like living in the White House? What are they wearing (because they wear the cutest outfits ever!)? How is the hunt for the puppy going? I'm tired of all the bad news. That, and I really love the Obama girls. It makes me smile every time I see them. And don't we need more of that? Personally, I'm looking for some of that hope that the president promised.

So why blog today? Because my muse has made a cameo appearance, that's why! I will almost always blog about my muse and good buddy Alberto Gonzales. He did sign my law license after all. I guess I owe him something for that (read into that what you will). So here's the deal: he's agreed to cooperate with a truth committee (whatever the fuck that is) so long as its truth they are talking about and it doesn't get politicized. And that's how my muse rolls. Karl Rove is screwing around with "executive privilege" while my muse goes straight to redefining the rules. If you don't like what they are asking about you don't have to cooperate because they aren't talking about the truth any more. Guess that lawyer training did pay off after all. It certainly didn't help with that job he had where he was defending the Constitution or whatever it was the American people expected him to do. So I say bring on this "truth commission" thing because I miss my muse.


mad said...

You can always count on Alberto for a few yucks. The bastard.

I can't believe fb kicked you off again. Those people suck.

Jill said...

Just another day in paradise.