Thursday, January 08, 2009

Really? An Old Texas Saying?

This is the ninth post in my "Good-bye to You, W!" series.

Here, Baby Boy Bush claims that not only is this an old Tennessee saying (this, I cannot verify one way or another) but it is also an old saying in Texas. Unless this is something they say while they are turkey bowling, I vehemently dispute that stupid remark. This was the first time I had ever heard this "old saying." Thankfully, it was not the last because it is really funny.


Jill said...

What was that line in "Forrest Gump"? Stupid is as stupid does, sir? Bush is one person who really needs cue cards. Of course he also needs someone who can write the cues too.

mad said...

You Can't Fooled Again -- I think that was the name of a song by the Who!

pineapple said...

jill: if he hasn't learned how to give a speech by now, he never will.

mad: hey! did you want the best hard rock song countdown on vh1, too?

Anonymous said...

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